Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity - Necessary or to be neglected?

Should a company develop its own corporate identity or can it be neglected without consequences? Many companies believe that a strong corporate identity is necessary to build trust with customers and create a recognizable brand. However, others believe that it can be neglected without serious consequences.

A strong corporate identity has many advantages. First, it can help a company stand out from its competitors. A unique name and logo can help customers remember the company and what it represents. Further, a well-designed website and marketing materials can give the company a professional appearance. This can make customers feel more confident about doing business.

What is corporate identity?

Corporate identity is a guideline that defines the essential characteristics of a company. This includes the visual representation, the way of communication with the target group as well as the vision and much more.

An understandable example of a very sophisticated corporate identity is the McDonalds franchise. When you walk into a McDonald's, you know what to expect. The colors, layout, and even employee uniforms are all designed to create a specific visual identity. This helps customers feel comfortable and confident in their choice. Furthermore, McDonald's places great emphasis on clear communication with its employees. Employees are expected to be polite and helpful and are trained to handle difficult situations. This creates a consistent customer experience that people know and trust.

Elements of corporate identity

There are 6 elements that make a corporate identity complete. 

Corporate Philosophy

The development of the corporate philosophy should be the first thing to be developed. It is the basis for all further strategic planning. It contains the guiding principles of a company. The company's attitude and the way it approaches business. A strong corporate philosophy is essential for any company, as it provides a basis for decision-making and goal setting. Although a company's philosophy may change over time, it should always be based on some core values.

Some of the most important values for a successful company are integrity, customer service, innovation and sustainability. The corporate philosophy should reflect these values, and employees should be trained to adhere to them. With a clear corporate philosophy, companies can create a strong brand that customers can trust.

Corporate Culture

Many people think of corporate culture in terms of dress code, office decorations or the company's mission statement. While these are all part of corporate culture, corporate culture is actually much more than that. Corporate culture encompasses the entire work environment, from how employees are treated to what is expected of them. The benefits of a strong company culture include a positive work environment, lower employee turnover and higher productivity. A strong corporate culture can also help a company attract and retain top talent.
However, if the corporate culture is not aligned with the company's values, it can be difficult for employees to feel engaged in their work. This can lead to lower morale and reduced productivity.

Corporate Behavior

Corporate Behavior is the way a company interacts with customers, partners, interested parties, etc. The way a company behaves can be a key factor in shaping customer loyalty and brand image.

Corporate Language

The way we speak is constantly evolving, and corporate language is no exception. As companies become increasingly global, the need for a universal language arises. This way of communicating is often referred to as "corporate language.

Corporate language is a type of language used in business environments. It is usually formal and concise and is often used to convey important information or instructions. Corporate language can be used in emails, presentations, meeting notes, and other documents.

There are several characteristics that distinguish corporate language from other types of language. First, corporate language tends to be less personal than normal language. This means that fewer contractions and informal words are used and more formal terms and phrases are used. Second, corporate language is usually more direct than normal language.

Corporate Communication

Uniform corporate communication is essential for a successful company. Clear communication both internally and externally not only establishes a uniform image, but also strengthens the associated image. It is geared to the target group. Corporate communication should be used uniformly in all communication channels. This includes the areas of public relations, social media as well as marketing and in meetings.

Corporate Design

Corporate design is often mistakenly confused with corporate identity. However, corporate design is merely the standardization of a company's appearance and is only tackled last in the process of developing a corporate identity.

However, the visual representation of a company is the most obvious part of corporate identity. A corporate design consists of the company logo, the design of the business equipment, the website as well as the design of packaging and products and trade fair booths.

Does every company need a corporate identity?

Yes, a company needs a good corporate identity. It is the basis of every company. It helps to position and differentiate one's own company. In addition, a consistent appearance in the market enhances a positive brand image. A positive brand image can help companies win new customers while maintaining the loyalty of existing customers. This sustainably reduces marketing costs. 

A good corporate identity costs time and money in the development phase, but the sustainably lower costs for marketing measures will quickly make these expenses worthwhile.

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